Chartered Institute of Personal Development

I started my career as a training officer within the Cancer Charity field, working as an Area Training Officer for more than 400 shops with one of the UK’s largest Cancer Charites. I was responsible for producing training intervention that spanned the volunteer staff, paid shop management, area mangers and Regional management.

During this period of my career I gained Associate Membership with the Chartered Institute of Personal Development as a Training Officer. The quality of training I received was of the highest quality, this ranged from how to put a training intervention together, how to present information in a classroom setting and how to assess the training needs of a student.

When I opened my Crystal shop and gift business in a small town on the west coast of Scotland I had already established my skills as an intuitive with many clients across the UK. It became apparent that merging my training skills and intuitive skills was the direction I was to move into. Teaching people how to connect to their own hidden intuitive gifts became a passion for me.

Over the past 15 years I have taught many students in the UK, Australia and New Zealand from the large range of modules I have developed within that time frame.

For me to see a student start a module with little of now confidence in their talents, blossom and see their own inner wisdom is the gift to me. Training people has been a passion of mine, getting the best from a person either in a team situation or on an individual level is key to success as a training officer.

I see many people who would like to help others but are unsure how. This is why I created The Phoenix Light Foundation, each module within the academy has been tried and tested to great success.

My hope is that as students qualify as a course facilitator, they too will become passionate about opening up their students to what lies within them.

Phyllis Brown
Academy Dean
Associate member of the CIPD uk.

I class myself as an "Intuitive" using my skills to help people make sense of the situations they are facing when there seems no light at the end of the tunnel. Through my personal readings, workshops and courses I have supported many people in gaining a better understanding of who they are and what life has to offer. We are in a dynamic time of rapid change of our beliefs, self awareness and connection to the etheric dimensions. Open yourself to what the universe has to offer!

Phyllis in the media

I am pleased to announce I am back with CTV on the Canterbury Life show @ 10am. Each fortnight I will talk about spiritual matters, self healing modalities and self development courses.

I have been involved in local TV, CTV's "Good Living" with Megan Banks and my own online shows 'Spirit Talk Live" and 'Living consciously Today".

You can see some of the shows in the link on the website or visit youtube.com and search The Phoenix Light Foundation.

Workshop, courses and events

Our new "What's on" page has all the information regarding my workshops, courses and special events. I offer a reange of self development workshops and certificate courses in the healing arts.

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