Overview & Fees

The mandatory iFacilitate course is set over six days across two consecutive weekends and offers students tools for transformation through individual teaching, practical training, and personal support. The courses are suitable for those already working in spiritual practice, those who desire to expand their capabilities and also to newcomers who would like to develop their gifts.

We have 5 educational streams for you to consider as a new career path or something you can offer to your spiritual based business.




Angelology and Ascension with the Masters

Ascension Stream

A Souls Journey, Mindful Manifestation and Advanced soul healing

Divination Stream

Psychic Development, Tarot for beginners and Introduction to channelling

Crystal Healing Stream

Crystal healing certificate, Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate and Crystal and Kids course

Arcturian Healing Stream

Arcturian Light Healing Certificate and Advanced Arcturian Light Healing Certificate

Reiki Academy Stream

The Phoenix Light Foundation promotes the very best in healing modalities and self-help tools. In supporting your own healing journey you can lead a more liberated life away from the dogma that may be holding you back. Reiki is one such healing modality which does exactly that. Through all the levels of initiation, you will heal yourself on many levels which in turn will open up your spiritual channels so you can help others onto a path of light.

A comprehensive Reiki manual is provided on each step of the Reiki Master training program. The founder Phyllis Brown Assoc. CIPD is a practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki, Reiki Master Teachers are also trained in this tradition. By joining Phyllis and her Reiki Master training class you will have access to the full power of Reiki in your life and how it can support you.

The six-day iFacilitate course is set over two weekends and comprises the foundation teaching course and A Module of your choosing.

The combination of both the skills gained in the iFacilitate course will give you access to your inner confidence to start your spiritual and metaphysical business immediately by hosting your own classes within your chosen field once you have succeeded in your basic training.

Here is an example of what you might choose and what is included in the fees:

IFacilitate $4000 – certification as a facilitator with TPLF, Light Hub registration and advertising your details and events

Psychic Development module $3000 – certification as a PD facilitator, teaching manual, student manual on memory stick, registration forms, student certificates of attendance.

Tarot 101 module $2000 – Certification as a T 101 facilitator, teaching manual, student manual on memory stick, registration forms, student certificates of attendance

Please make cheques payable to The Phoenix Light Foundation Ltd.
Credit card phone in number 0273818151.
To discuss payment plan for academy fees, call 0273818151.
All deposits are non refundable to cover administration costs. All course fees must be paid in full before the start of the intake date.