Self awareness

leads to wellbeing and balance

Working on our own wellbeing is key to developing emotional and mental tools to help you cope with any challenge or situation life puts in your way. Each of our courses are designed to help you gain valuable insights into yourself and the hidden wisdom waiting to be revealed to you.

With interactive exercises, video and audio tutorials as well as fun quizzes which makes learning fun and easy. The Academy brings like-minded people together as a community to offer the very best of their collective experience currently in our planet’s evolution.

Wellness expansion of your holistic business

If you are looking to grow your holistic wellness business or take your skills to the next level, the Phoenix Light Foundation has a range of online teacher courses designed to expand your business. The teacher courses are self-guided with everything you need to run your own classes to your existing client base.

Academy milestones!

The corner stone of the academy was to make content engaging, fun and life changing. We are proud of our global appeal with students making real changes in their lives that will continually enhance their sense of wellbeing and life purpose.

  • Platinum course provider with the IICT

  • Join our 500+ global student community

  • We have over 1500 lessons

Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD


Founded in 2016 by Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD, The Phoenix Light Foundation draws on thirty years of business management and professional training in the complimentary field with proven experience running workshops and certificate courses.

Phyllis has worked as a conscious life coach and metaphysical teacher for over 20 years, both in New Zealand and in her native Scotland. Throughout this time, she has developed many tools and tried and tested products, much loved by her clients and students, to help them explore and develop their innate intuitive gifts, maximise their potential and manifestation abilities to align with their soul’s purpose.
Phyllis Brown  Assoc CIPD

Student testimonials

by Suzie

Mindful manifestation course

by Suzie

positive changes in my life. I have a rather negative mindset which I have developed over time as a coping mechanism to avoid disappointment, however, I see from this course now that I must shift this mindset in order to instigate change. I must heal past wounds, and replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This will allow me to create my own reality, manifesting what I want. Thankyou for your help. I look forward to completing more courses with you in the future!
S Harrison

Arcturian Light Healing

S Harrison

Life Changing for me , I use Arcturian Energy , Daily for Myself and for Clients , working on a Cellular Level .

Angelic Soul Connections


This is a great course - Great very touching and learning it open my mind Angeli

Free monthly Spiritual Clinic


I really enjoy this class and particularly enjoy Phyllis sharing her story for understanding. The meditation in this class was wonderful. Thank you.

Crystal healing certificate course


Packed full of information I hadn't heard of or learnt before , Phyllis's passion opened me up and I wanted to keep doing more Courses with her.