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Tarot 101 Teacher Training online Course - Overview

Tarot reading has been practiced since the 15th century, and is used by thousands of people today to support and guide their decisions. 

There is nothing more satisfying in helping like minded students develop an understanding of Tarot and building a deep connection within them for Tarot that will help them onto a spiritual pathway.

You will guide your students to intuitively read Tarot cards, using the Tarot deck as a conduit of inspiration and knowledge form the spiritual realms. 

By the end of our Tarot 101 course your students will understand the origins of Tarot, know how to read cards intuitively, and be familiar with a range of Tarot spreads. 

* Please note that tools needed for each module are not provided, you will need access to tarot card decks, pen and paper. Meditating with the Tarot cards is part of this course so a quiet place to sit and contemplate on a card is desirable. Having friends and family who are willing to have their cards read is also part of the course is also essential, making a list of volunteers will help with your assignments for the course.

Teacher training - Tarot 101 Course enables you to:

  • run your own workshops on the topic of Tarot
  • Help students understand the history of Tarot.
  • Expand students understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana.
  • Teach Tarot card spreads.
  • Teach about multi card spreads.
  • Instill Client ethics to your students when giving a reading.  

Required Materials & Recommended Preparation

You will need access to Tarot card decks, pen and paper. A comfortable teaching space, copies of the student manual as part of your teaching tool kit *included in the course fee

 Having friends and family who are willing to have their cards read is also essential. Some awareness of intuitive skills is helpful, and practice at reading cards is helpful but not essential.


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  • IICT Accredited

    The Phoenix Light Foundation is a registered platinum course provider for the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

  • Teaching tools

    This course includes the teacher training notes, manual, student manual and hints and tips on how to run a successful workshop.

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