Course includes

  • Find your soul purpose

    As you connect to the deep understanding of the 12 chakra's you will release and heal blocks to your soul purpose

  • Video classes with Phyllis

    Each video lesson will guide you to the deeper meaning of the function of the chakras, crystal, planets and hidden wisdom so you can find your life purpose.

  • IICT accredited

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

About this course

A Soul’s Journey-  Feel connected to everything around you

The Chakra system holds the secret to manifesting, healing, and living. Our journey into this system opens us up to new opportunities, and opens doors that were previously closed!  

Combining the Chakra system with how the Planets support and help us, and using the energy of the crystal kingdom, will give you the keys to unlock your true potential.

Let your soul be guided through this journey and you will find yourself taking positive steps to change and seeing the results in your life.

If you are an intuitive healer or Reiki practitioner, this course will also enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your client’s healing process within the Chakra system.

Required Materials & Recommended preparations

An awareness of the chakra system and spiritual locations is useful, but not essential. Previous study of the soul is useful preparation.

You will need access to crystals, colour pens, and paper. Meditation is a key component with this course, so you will need a place where you can sit and contemplate.

A Souls Journey Course enables you to:

  • Develop a deep connection with your Chakra system.
  • Help you understand the connection between the energy of the universe and the Planets.
  • Give you an understanding of crystals and how they help heal the Chakra system.
  • Open you up to the emotional support of each Chakra.
  • How the soul chooses the journey we are on and the events in your life.
  • You will develop a deep understanding of the elements and locations of the earth Chakra system.
  • How to support yourself in making life changing decisions.
  • You will open up your intuitive gifts to help you understand your soul path.
  • Heal the karmic past to create a better future.

Utilizing course content

If you are an intuitive healer, Reiki practitioner you will gain a deeper understanding of your clients healing process within the Chakra system

Student testimonials

A Souls Journey - chakra healing course

Thank you Phyllis! Your beautifully put together, structured course has gifted me a wonderful new knowledge base, and I have expanded and continue to expand my understanding of myself, and with the added benefit of gentle healing as part of the process.

Most of all I have learnt to really listen to and trust myself feeling more confident in receiving guidance and support as I face life's challenges without getting attached to a particular outcome.

I appreciate the meditations I have received from you and continue to practice these in my own time- as they are now part of my "toolkit".

Thank you for your wise words, the relaxed atmosphere and sense of humour as you facilitate. I fully recommend your courses.
RN - Christchurch NZ

A Souls Journey - chakra healing course

RN - Christchurch NZ

In 2016 I attended an evening at Phyllis place that gave me a better understanding of the type of work she does. I then sign up for the Souls Journey course which was fantastic. This course gave me a much better understanding of the Chakra system, connectedness and the spiritual realm.

The meditations during the course were superb, and as the title suggests I found it to be illuminating, encouraging me to think about new concepts, ideas and my life.

I would recommend this course, and indeed all of Phyllis work at the Phoenix Foundation for someone who is wanting to progress.

Robert - Christchurch NZ

A Souls Journey - chakra healing course

Robert - Christchurch NZ

I found out about the Phoenix Light foundation after participating in a spiritual evening run by Phyllis at the beginning of the year. After the evening I signed up for the Chakra course to further my knowledge on energy and my spiritual path.

During the course I was put in touch with knowledge and attributes of my personality that had been neglected over the years. I really enjoyed the course and found Phyllis to be a talented spiritual leader and teacher.

Knowledge on how the spiritual world is made up and how this interacts with our physical bodies and emotions.

My favorite part of the course was the guided meditations and new spiritual information

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