Course overview

Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Diploma Overview

The aim of the course is to give you knowledge of advanced healing techniques with crystals. Through our in depth teaching manual, assignments, and you will gain an understanding of how to create gem and water essences. Included is guidance on how to create complex healing crystals grids, as well as using crystals in a healing meditations. You will also look at the eastern interpretations of the body and what it is showing you as a healer, as well as touching on the topic of the meridian system.

The Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course enables you to:

  • Study the Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Achieve a competency in understanding of crystal healing, how to use crystals in a healing situation and client consultation session.
  • 13 lessons with ongoing assignments to assess your understanding of the course.
  • Gain an understanding of how to create complex healing grids.
  • What and how to use different healing wands in a session.
  • How to create a gem or water essence.
  • How to give a quick healing to a client in a chair.
  • How to massage a client with crystals.
  • How to use crystals in a meditation.
  • How to interpret the body and direct your healing session accordingly.
  • An understanding of the tools needed for a crystal healing * see notes above.
  • By the end of the course you will be able to identify what the clients is showing you by way of physical indicators, what healing tools to use within a session and how to interact differently in creating a diverse healing session to fit your client’s needs.

Please note that 6 single pointed quartz crystals, 1 double pointed crystal and 1 Angelite are required to perform the healing grids within this course. There is a crystal stone directory within the manual of the stones needed to complete the course. As the stones do not come with the course we advise you to look at this section of the manual and gather the crystal ready for use.

Why study Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate?

The crystal healing techniques within this course builds upon your knowledge gained in the Crystal healing Certificate 101. You will be equipped to conduct a healing session with your clients on a deeper level using more advanced and varied crystal healing grids and methods to ensure your clients get the best healing process as possible.

Recommended preparation

Completion of the Phoenix Light Foundation Academy certificate level course.


Icons & text

  • Crystal Healing Diploma

    This course is designed to build on the learning gained in the Crystal Healing Certificate course.

  • Video classes

    Each lesson is supported by a video class with Phyllis Brown, course creator and tutor. Phyllis gives an in depth explanation of the lesson content and how to put this new learning into practice.

  • IICT Platinum certification

    This course has been certified by the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

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