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The Animal Vibrational Course - overview

We love and want to support our family pets when they are stressed and ill, using these simple healing tools and techniques you will be able to balance your pets energy so they are feeling well. 

  • Achieve a competency in understanding  how animals connect to us as their owner or guardian
  • Understand the importance of the auric field and how animals use this as a predator or prey animal.
  • How to balance the chakra system in an animal
  • By the end of the course you will be able to identify what the animal is showing you by way of physical indicators, what healing tools to use within a session and how to interact differently in creating a diverse healing session to fit your clients’ needs.

$5 of course fee is donated Christchurch Cat Protection NZ

Icons & text

  • IICT accredited

    The Phoenix Light Foundations is a Platinum registered training provider for the IICT

  • Video tutorials

    This course is supported by video classes with Phyllis Brown to help integrate your learning experience

Course curriculum

Cours fee

$5 from your course fee will be donated to Christchurch Cat Protection here in New Zealand to promote the wellbeing of cats in their care.

Animal Vibrational therapy healing

Delve into a deeper understanding of your family pet.

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