About this course

Arcturian Light Healing Certificate – Overview 

Arcturians are believed to be 5th dimension beings, with a philosophy of healing and compassion for the universe. They have offered to support, strengthen and heal us through the power of light! Discovering their healing powers can open your lightbody to a new way of thinking, and help you to heal on the purest levels of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Channelling light is a powerful healing modality, and this course teaches you to bring this gentle, compelling healing method to your clients and loved ones.

The Arcturian Light Healing Certificate course enables you to:

  • Learn about the Arcturians
  • Learn about your Light Body, and how maintain your light body vibrations
  • Discover the Arcturian Light Principles 
  • Give a full body healing to clients
  • Channel Arcturian Light healing energy
  • Give a client consultation in a competent manner

Recommended preparations

Some awareness of energy healing would be helpful, but not necessary. Having an awareness of the power of your thoughts would also be helpful. By participating in this course you will gain first hand understanding of the changes to the way you think and manifest your life.

Course includes

  • Symbols and healing panel

    Learn how to use the 22 Arcturian symbols and healing panel to activate the light body.

  • Video classes with Phyllis

    Feel fully supported by participating in the video classes for that step by step instruction on how to give an Arcturian healing

  • IICT accredited

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

Course curriculum

Course fee

Invest in your energy tool expansion.

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