Course includes

  • Creating a connection

    Understanding how to connect to your guides will help develop trust and open you to higher wisdom

  • Video classes

    Video classes will take you on a step by step process on how to develop a strong connection as a channel

  • IICT accredited

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

About this course

Introduction to Channelling

We all seek connection: we have a keen desire to feel part of something higher than ourselves, and to be supported as we move through the world. Channelling helps us create links to our spiritual guides, fulfilling our need for spiritual connection.

This course will open your higher conscious connections and allow you to become a channel for guides, spirit and higher consciousness. These channels provide support, warmth, and a pathway to higher wisdom. As you connect with these spiritual beings, you will find yourself exploring deeper parts of your soul’s journey here on Earth.

You will also learn how to interpret the messages you receive, and channel messages for yourself and others.  

The Introduction to Channelling Course enables you to:

  • Learn to call upon your protection processes when channelling
  • Connect to and channel wisdom from your guides
  • Connect to your higher self and enter a new dimensional state
  • Set your Ego aside in preparation for channelling
  • Prepare physically for a channelling session

Recommended preparation

Having an awareness of your intuitive skills is helpful. 


Student testimonials

Brian - NZ

Introduction to channeling

Brian - NZ

This course is very well put together.
AW - Christchurch NZ

introduction to channeling

AW - Christchurch NZ

Courses I've done: Psychic development - Angelology - Channelling - Reiki - Levels 1-3

I have done a few courses with Phyllis and have found her to be very genuine and knowledgeable. She provides a safe and supportive environment and always brings humour into her teaching.

Taking these courses has helped me to unlock my intuition, discover new healing abilities and given me tools that I use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone wanting to further their spiritual growth and learn more about themselves.

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