About this course

Help your students to create the life they want to live through healing their thought patterns

Mindful Manifestation Teaching program

You have everything you need to successfully help your students change the way they look at their lives and start to develop a new way of thinking to create a  positive life experience. 

You will help them 

  • Explore their own belief system, and the origins of these beliefs
  • Discover the relationship between what they are thinking and their reality
  • Develop strategies for dealing with negative or unexpected events in a positive, mindful way
  • Learn more about their own personality, and how to best use their strengths
  • Set goals mindfully for future success

Aim of the course -

The Mindful Manifestation course takes you on a journey through your life to help remove old ways of thinking, and create positive outcomes through a new, more mindful way of thinking.

When you complete the course you’ll have a deeper awareness of the power of mindful manifestation, and will be able to confidently move towards a future you’ve chosen.

Course Includes

  • Mindfulness today

    Developing a mindful approach to your life and gain copings skills for the unexpected.

  • IICT Accredited

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

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