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Ascension with the Masters – Overview

Ascension means taking Mastery of your life in accordance with the Spiritual Laws of the planet. It entails raising your frequency and drawing down the light of your Monad into your everyday life to create Heaven on Earth. There are several levels of Ascension, each one requiring that you undergo new tests of initiation to test your readiness to carry a higher frequency. At one time, it was not possible to raise your frequency to the higher levels of Ascension and stay in your physical body, but now it is. Most people who now ascend choose to stay on Earth and serve humankind. You will be in planetary service so your personal needs and desires will no longer be as important as your desire to serve All That Is.

Ascension is really descending your Higher Self and then your Monad into your life.

Why study this course?

If having an understanding of your spiritual connection and spiritual guides is something you’re interested in, this course will help reveal to you who you can call upon to help you create a greater connection. This course is designed as the next step up from Angelology and how the universe is supported.

Recommended preparation

An awareness of the Ascended Masters is helpful but not necessary. Having a basic concept of our spiritual light body would help you understand the connection to the soul journey and the lessons you are going through to expand the soul and spiritual consciousness.

Over the following sessions, we will hope to gain the following:

  • Understand what Ascension is, and how to get on your pathway.
  • Create a higher link on your Ascension path.
  • Work with the spiritual laws.
  • Have a greater awareness of the Ascension process.
  • Build your light body to connect to your Monad and Higher Self.
  • Through meditations, healing and channelling, connect to the Ascended Masters.
  • Re-establish your link with your 12 Strand DNA and the 12 Chakra System.

Course includes

  • spiritual enlightenment

    Our quest is to fulfill our soul purpose, by including the wisdom from higher awareness, we an access the inner self to our higher purpose

  • Video classes

    Each lesson is supported by a video class and deeply healing meditation to help you create that divine connection

  • IICT accreditation

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies

Course curriculum

Course fee

The power of the Ascended Masters waits for you, take a step onto the universal wisdom that awaits!

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