Psychic Development

  • unlock your inner gifts

    This 10 step process with help you discover your clair sense and how to use different tools to enhance them.

  • Video classes with Phyllis

    Participate and enhance your gifts with the step by step video classes and meditations

  • IICT accredited

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

About this course

Psychic Development Course – Overview 

Are you ready to gain a greater understanding of your natural Intuitive or Psychic gifts? Unlocking you inner wisdom will help you find a path to a more connected fulfilling life.

Whether you're just beginning to explore your natural gifts or already have some awareness of your psychic skills, the tools and exercises in the Psychic Development course are designed to refine and strengthen your abilities. You'll flourish and grow as you work through the course content, and will be surprised and delighted by the power hidden within you.

* Please note that tools needed for each module are not provided, you will need access to dowers, tea leaves, ribbon set, crystal ball, tarot cards and oracle cards. To best understand the course having these tools will encourage your psychic gifts to come to the fore, also participating in the webinars and video classes within the course modules will give you a better understanding of how to connect to your psychic gifts.

Why study this course?

This course provides a clear path to understanding your Clair senses, and to developing them further with each module you complete. It includes a bread range of topics and exercises, familiarizing you with common Psychic tools, and helping you discover the skills and practices that suit your unique strengths.

By the end of the course you'll have strengthened your psychic gifts, be more in tune with yourself and be able to confidently trust your Clair senses.

Recommended preparation

Having an understanding of your clair skills is helpful but not essential. Also an awareness of some of the tools we use, pendulum, tea leaf reading, oracle and tarot cards is desired. This is an interactive course so working with other student is essential for integration of the lesson and developing your clair gifts.

The Psychic Development Course enables you to:

  • Gain an understanding of what your clair senses are.
  • How to read Auras and ribbon reading.
  • How to use a pendulum/dowser in divination.
  • How to read tea leaves as a divination tool.
  • How to read Tarot and oracle cards.
  • How to tune into your guides through the meditations within the video classes.
  • How to channel messages from your guides.
  • Understand what Mediumship is and how to connect to loved ones who have passed over.
  • By watching and participating in the class videos you will have a clear demonstration of how to use the tools described within the modules.

Student testimonials

Rachel S - Christchurch NZ

Psychic Development course

Rachel S - Christchurch NZ

I really enjoyed the web class format as it gave me the same benefits as attending an actual class, but from home. I had access to the online and written material and was able to bring any insights or questions to the class each week. It was also great having your support, and the other web class members there, to hear their shared experiences too. I would defiantly recommend and attend another web class, thank you.
AW - Christchurch NZ

Psychic Development course

AW - Christchurch NZ

Courses I've done: Psychic development - Angelology - Channelling - Reiki - Levels 1-3

I have done a few courses with Phyllis and have found her to be very genuine and knowledgeable. She provides a safe and supportive environment and always brings humour into her teaching.

Taking these courses has helped me to unlock my intuition, discover new healing abilities and given me tools that I use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone wanting to further their spiritual growth and learn more about themselves.

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