Course includes

  • Discover the ancient ways of the Native Americans

    Find your inner shaman by traveling onto your Red Road of life through this guided journey and ancient wisdom.

  • Video classes with Phyllis

    Easy to follow video classes to help you connect to your shaman guides, discover new tools and receive healing and inspiration in the meditations

  • IICT accredited

    The Phoenix Light Academy is now a Platinum training provider with the IICT

About this course

Sacred Path Course – Overview

The aim of the course is to give you a deep understanding of the Native American belief system in their connection to mother nature and the physical path we take in this life time. The Red Road is your life path.

* Please note that tools needed for craft exercises in the assignments are not provided, you will need access to material/cloth, colour pens or pain, face paint if you would like to photograph your painted face design. To best understand the course having these tools will encourage your progress along your Red Road of life and give you a fuller experience whilst participating in each module. The 13 video clips that accompany the modules will also enhance your experience and integrate the lessons with the information on the Native American Tribe Chiefs.

Recommended preparations

An interest or understanding of Native American history is helpful. To gain the best from the course, you must be prepared to step onto your healing journey through a deep connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual connection to achieving a connection to nature and everything that surrounds us.

The Sacred Path Course enables you to:

  • Develop an understanding of what your life path is about.
  • How to clear you energy from old belief systems.
  • Collect and understand objects that support your energy.
  • Create and make your own medicine bundle.
  • Design and display your own painted face art work.
  • Manifest the life you want to create with the Kokopeli.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the ways of the Shaman and the Native American people.

Student testimonials

Susan - Christchurch NZ

Sacred Path - Shamanic Healing course

Susan - Christchurch NZ

The Native American Course...
My first Guide from when I was in my 20s is White Cloud.I endeavor and do incorporate Native American ways in my life.

Lesson 1 and your introduction I found to be very respectful, and I love how you weaved the history of the Red path , Blue path into the now, respecting The Old Ways to be still current in the Present.

Your boundaries are very firm .. Sweat Lodge ...Sauna...and again this comes across as the deep respect you have for the wisdom imparted. Blessings Susan

Sacred Path - Shamanic Healing Course


Life is a journey, understanding we are part of a greater plan comes across through this course and the connection to nature and her bounties is life affirming.

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