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Healing your Body, Mind & Spirit

Now is the time to become the best version of yourself

Through transforming your old destructive patterns you can begin to create the life that you deserve.

This course is a step by step healing process working on issues from childhood, your past and even your present day.

Journey through your body, mind and spirit, you can strive to achieve a complete transformation to become the new you.

This easy to use online course has fun activities, meditations, video and audio classes to ensure you have an abundance of tools needed to help you as you become a better version of yourself.

Student testimonials

Virginia - Springston NZ

Transform our life

Virginia - Springston NZ

“I have found Phyllis Brown to be one of the best teachers I have had during this lifetime. Her teaching is informative, well organised and well structured, making the courses easy to follow and most enjoyable. The course content is always interesting, stimulating, cohesive and progressive with lots of practical sessions throughout which give students a chance to incorporate everything they have learned.

One of Phyllis’s many gifts is to put what may appear to be difficult concepts into an accessible and easily understood form and then present it in a professional and fun way. She opens the doors for seekers of truth, encouraging and enlightening each in their own journey.” Virginia

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Heal the past to create your new future

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