Become a Trainer

Why Teach our products?

Our range of student and teacher’s educations streams have been developed over the past 14 years with proven success internationally. Each product has a specific set of Aims and Objectives which are all designed to give our students a life changing experience. If you have always wanted to help people gain a deeper understanding of themselves becoming a teacher will offer you the tools you need to help support your students on their spiritual enlightenment.

Our Foundation

Our iFacilitate Course is designed to give you the personal tools needed to become an inspiration to your students through running informative and effective workshops and courses. This course is at the core of our success, through gaining a deep understanding of learning styles, student types and how to give effective presentations, you will have the confidence to run life changing courses and workshops

Education Streams

The Phoenix Light Foundation honours diversity within the spiritual education arena. You will be guided through your own spiritual growth through participation during our courses, These personal experiences will enhance you own deep understanding of you life experiences, these you can share with your student during your workshops or use this growth for your own personal development.

To be Teacher with the Phoenix Light Foundation can be truly rewarding, with each course or workshop you run you will be effecting change in people that can put them onto a path of deep self-healing.