Code of Ethics


Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Conduct and Ethics and the Code of Advertising Standards were put forth in September 2016.  We trust all Teachers, past and present to adhere to the codes. 


In the Code of Ethics we recognise and honour the high caliber of teaching required, maintaining the standard of work as presented by Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD and The Phoenix Light Foundation – (TPLF).  The code is written to safeguard and protect your integrity and that of the TPLF.  In this way we can all be assured that the standard and reputation of the TPLF and its teachers is one of excellence.


The Phoenix Light Foundation expects its certificated Facilitators to act professionally, with honesty and integrity towards each other and members of the public and adhere to the following code of Ethics and Practice:

Your actions and behaviour to be of a high standard, with respect for the work and opinions of other teachers, philosophies, religions and cultures. 

Confidentiality, in respect of peers and students, is maintained at all times. 

Prepare all workshops well in advance and conduct them in a professional, friendly manner.

Whilst working overseas, abide by the laws of the country in respect to taxation of income and declaration of income.

     Insurance and public liability must be sought at your own expense to cover any damage or accidents whilst working under the banner of TPLF.